JAZZFM 91 Toronto is now humming with SDS Symphony

Toronto, Ontario – April 21, 2019 – More than just a radio station, JAZZ.FM91 is an organization that is dedicated to enriching the culture, education and community experience of their audience. When the station reviewed their current software applications they realized that a change was required that would allow them to not only continue their mandate but expand it. Their search led them to Specialty Data Systems (SDS). With its intuitive design and scalable model, SDS Symphony was the best solution to help bring the sweet sounds of jazz to the listeners throughout the GTA, Canada and around the world.

“We needed a system that could be tailored to our needs and SDS Symphony fit the bill. Our employees had used SDS in the past and I was constantly being told that we needed SDS” explains Lorie Russell, Managing Director of JAZZFM.91. “There was too much duplication of work and with SDS that is eliminated, and we can work with greater efficiency. The industry is changing and we need to be able to change with it. SDS allows us to do that. The fact that they are located in Toronto and are 100% Canadian makes us proud of this partnership.”

SDS’s streamlined workflow and flexible design makes it the perfect solution for the experimentation and agility required by broadcasters to compete in today’s dynamic environment. “Whether broadcasters have a single radio station, television station, or a multiple of each across the country, SDS Symphony provides broadcasters with the tools to operate more efficiently, manage their data, reduce redundancies and easily adapt to changes challenging our industry.” said Jim Anderson, Chief Operating Officer of SDS.

“We are honoured that JAZZ.FM91 selected SDS Symphony and that the desire to upgrade was enthusiastically supported by the users. We take pride in our support and we’ve always believed that in today’s fragmented world, support is the cornerstone of success. From Traffic, CRM, Sales, Creative Production, and Finance, SDS Symphony enables all staff to work together in concert to an unprecedented degree, enabling the maximization of every avail and every dollar, every day.”

About JAZZFM.91
The station began life more than 60 years ago as CJRT-FM, Ryerson’s university radio station, broadcasting an eclectic mix of educational programming, classics and jazz. Then in 1996, it was transformed when the Ontario Government reduced its annual operating stipend from $1,300,000 to zero, leaving the radio station to find its niche in one of North America’s most crowded radio marketplaces.
In the years since then, JAZZ.FM91 has executed a very different and expanded mission, which is to enrich the cultural, educational and community experience of our listening audience.

About SDS Inc.
Established in 1993, SDS is a leading North American provider of broadcast management software, specializing in the development of a proven, unified approach to broadcast sales, traffic, creative, operations and accounting. The components that comprise SDS Symphony include Traffic, Sales, CRM, Creative, Reports, and A/R. Each of the components features an advanced workflow design, instantly sharing need-to-know information among all departments. A mid-sized company with more than 500 television and radio station clients representing a billion dollars in advertising revenues, SDS is independent of broadcaster ownership and remains an agile and customer-focused company. For more information, visit www.sds.ca.